Our Equipment

3 presses 2

Presses & Big Equipment

Beulah: 12 x 18 Chandler & Price (only open to use by members)
Gladys: 8 x 12 Chandler & Price (only open to use by members)
Clyde: tabletop Craftsman press
Jean: Vandercook 320G
Jacques: John Jacques & Son 60 in. board shear
Screenprint exposure unit & washout sink

Storage & Tools

tabletop proofing press
20 flat files
large table and counterspace
personal storage shelving
silk screen print shop with exposure unit and washout unit
30+ drawers of lead type
15+ drawers of wood type
galley rack
slug cutters
book presses and press boards
Kuttrimmer and tabletop guillotine
punching jigs
Dremel and assorted power tools